Monday, December 29, 2014

Reese is 4!!!

Reese is 4!!!!! Stats: Ht - 43"/>95% and Wt- 38#/90% What we did for her Birthday: We had THREE parties! One with all her friends at Premier gymnastics which was so much fun. Mommy and daddy had fun too jumping in the foam pit!!!! One Rock Star Party with Grandama Boo and Papa at our house. We made a huge stage and she got a microphone, guitar and CD player...she sang her heart out. Grendma Boo and Papa also took her to the mall and she rode the carasel and ate cookies! The last party was at school and we brought in cupcakes for all her classmates. What She loves: Best Friends: Ellis, Holden, Hannah, Avery, Lance, Harrison She says she is going to marry Holden. She loves to sing. It amazes me how she can remember the words so easily. Candy, cake, cupcakes, cookies She likes barbies and princesses She loves watching tv and using our ipads for movies. Favorite tv shows: Sofia, Barbie, Bo on the Go She loves to read books every night. She loves to stay home and have PJ day She loves Fridays at school for Show and Tell. She likes to play Teacher, shopping and Mommy Favorite Games: Hide and Seek is her favorite, but she also likes, memory, uno, bingo, diminos. We play games ALL the time!! Favorite Colors: Pink, Purple, Blue What she doesnt like: Going to bed Eating vegtables Taking baths (at first, but then doesnt want to get out) What she is doing now: Gymnastics She can count to 40+ She can write her name and all the letters in the alphabelt. She is working on blends. She colors inside the lines now. Lots of pretend Singing all the time Helping take care of Reagan. She is such a sweet and wonderful big sister!

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