Saturday, June 20, 2015

What Reese is doing at 5

Reese is 5!! Reese is our hearts and is the sweetest 5 year old I know. Her heart is big and she was born to be a big sister. This is our last year in Pre K and it is on to Kindergarten in August! She still is a super star in class and gets on green or purple every day. Her teachers love her. Reese is off the charts for height and weighs around 48 pounds. She looks just like her daddy, but with sweet little freckles on her face like her mommy had when she was little. We have done a lot of wonderful things this year and 5 has been simply sweet. For Reese's fifth birthday we went to Chuck E Cheese with all her school friends and neighbors. Uncle B and Grandma Boo and Papa came too. In March we rented a cabin in the Mountains of Gatlinberg, TN and had a great time!! For Easter we went to South Carolina to see Mimi and Paw Paw and had a really nice time. In April Mommy and Daddy went to Ireland and Grandma Boo and Papa came to Birmingham to take care of the little ladies. There was lots of playing, staying up late, jumping on beds, shopping for toys and eating out!! In May we went to PA to visit Memmy, aunt wanda, uncle Gary, and cousins: Meagan, Greg, Seth, Page, Deb and Chris. Page and Reese got along so good. We had fun going to Chocolate World, playing in BIG parks, shopping, staying in hotels, flying on plans and spending time with family. Memmy is 90 years old and it wonderful to see her doing so great! We also went to Nashville the end of May to celebrate mommys best friend bday and see Fi. In June we went to the beach to see Grandma Boo and Papa. We swam every single day and went to the beach. We had so much fun playing and lauging!!! (she also had her first sleep over at her friends Bella) July is another trip to Grandma Boo and Papas to see cousins Christi, Scott, Granger and Foster. Back to Destin the end of July to celebrate Regan's 3rd bday and a family vacation with uncle B, Mimi and Paw Paw. Uncle Rip and Aunt Sheri will be down there too to come visit us!!!! August we head back to grandma Boo and papas for more beach time and fun, fun, fun. We are trying to soak up every minute of this summer!! School starts August 13th.... favorite color: Blue favorite movie: Pitch Perfect favorite game: Hide and Seek (all) favorite song: Pitch Perfect favorite food: chicken and rice with broccoli favorite thing to do: stay home and play friends: Harrison, Ellis, Calton, Bella, Jackson favorite tv show: My Little Pony favorite toy: blind bags, shopkins, fascioms, blind boxes sports: just stopped gymnastics and cheerleading. Reese is now having golf lessons with daddy on Tuesdays, and will start dance in the fall. What she loves to play: Mommy and baby- house, Teacher and school, pretend anything, singing shows, disney junior - show toys. What do you like to do: to pick out toys, swim, jump on the bed, stay in hotels, get prizes, sing and dance and act silly, skip school, watch her ipad, play in game rooms, tell made up knock knock jokes, play with friends, eat dessert, PLAY!!! What we can do now: wink, almost have a cartwheel, swim, jump into the water, dive for rings under water, learning to read, golf, write and sound out words, say the Lords Prayer, riding a bike with stablizers. Reese loves her sister and they play so very well together, but Reese now wants her alone time. (Reagan cannot get enough of Reese and follows her everywhere.) Reese and mommy now like to have their days where we do something special. Just the two of us. Our last daughter mommy date was to the movies to see Inside Out. We then went shopping and out to lunch. I will always cherish these moments and I need to make certain we have plenty of them :)!! I love this sweet sweet girl with all my heart!!!

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