Wednesday, October 2, 2013

3-1/2 Years Old

Reagan turns one and Reese turns 3-1/2!!!!!! We celebrated at Grandma Boo's and Papa's house!!! Some of Reese's new sayings: I forgot When I get big I will go with you to work It's a deal As you can see Ok, Lets do it again You did it girl (to Reagan) We are the girls Are you kidding me Hey sweetheart (to Reagan) I can do it for you Can I do X and that would be Ok? What! Some new things we are doing now and things she loves: Started doing a chore chart with stickers Jumping Jacks Criss Cross Gymnastics (somersault on the beam) Playing pretend (teacher, waitress) Loves the song Wild One and singing to it. Singing to Taylor Swift Loves playing with dolls Brushes her teeth helps clean knows the months (song) knows the southern states that border the US (song)

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