Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I did it myself mama !!!

Reese amazes us every day! Over the past couple of weeks she has been putting on her shoes by herself and on the right feet! She can also put on her big girl panties all by herself. She always wants to pick out what to wear in the morning. It mainly has to be pink. (and if it were up to her she would wear her princess pjs to school everyday.) Some days I am lucky and can get a bow in her hair but it is rare. Scott also took her paci away last week and she has been doing great without it. She was only using it at night but it was a big deal and I never thought we would get rid of it. I think she cried the first night for 5-10 minutes and has not cried since. Scott is wonderful! He does all of this when I am out of town. He knows the minute she cries I would give in : ) Luckily it really has not been a big deal to her. We will see what happens when baby number two gets here. She is talking and singing up a storm and her energy is crazy!! We cannot keep up and it never seems to die down. Even at 8pm when it is time to go to bed - she is ready to jump on her bed versus sleep. We are getting in a bad habit of Reese lying down with mommy in mommies bed instead of going straight to her room for bed time. We like to watch our girlie TV shows. She use to go down like clock work at 8:00pm but lately she is not wanting to go to bed unitl later and wants to hang out in mommies room......Not sure how we are going to break this habit. Reese likes to dance with the stars : ) Her favorite things right now: Princesses Pink dancing singing (she loves to make up her own songs) playing hide and seek with daddy playing with her baby dolls carrying a purse EVERYWHERE. We cannot leave home without it. Disney world - she tells us everyday we are going to go. talking on the phone to grandparents candy! watching shrek???? waking us up in the morning- she brings her pillow and blanket down to our room every morning and hops in bed with us to watch cartoons for a second and then tells each of us "Wake Up". I am still not sure why I cannot load pictures and need to figure it out soon!!

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