Sunday, July 22, 2012

First "Real" Haircut

Reese had her first real haircut yesterday. Daddy has trimed it twice and I had to get Reese an appt before he went after it again. We were trying to grow it all out but she refuses to wear barrets and bows and her bangs were hanging in her eyes. She did really great!! and stayed soooo still to my surprize : ) Some silly things she is doing now. *In class the other day everyone approached her when she got to school and she said "get off, get off!" (She is moving into begginer Two class on June 4th) *For several weeks now she has been calling her grandparents. On Memorial Day she said "Mama, go get me the phone please I am going to call Papa." *when she eats something she loves she says "it's delicious!" *She loves to watch Dora the Explora *She is reading books to herself and to her babies *She still LOVES to sing *She loves to dance to Wild One (of all the songs......)

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