Sunday, April 29, 2012

Two Years and Four Months

Time is flying by.......... I can't believe how fast our little girl is growing up. A lot has happen in the past couple of months. In Feb. we went with Boo and Papa to Disney World for Reese's 2nd birthday. It was a true gift to see how excited and how much fun Reese had. She loved everything and was soooo good. Some of her favorite things to do were meet all the characters. She would wait in line like a trooper, give them a big hug, take her picture, and have them sign her autograph book. We thought she would be scared as she bawled when she met Santa but NOT AT ALL. She LOVED them all. I think her favorite was Woody and Jessie and would screamed with excitment every time she saw them. She loved all the parades and literally tried to high five all the characters in the parade. To this day she still wants to watch the parades from our trip. She had fun on the rides: the teacups, carosel, its a small world, pooh, trains, etc. She loved Disney so much that we put a wall of her Disney pictures in her room. We also put shelves with the characters on it. Moving on to our next adventure... Reese is now in a BIG GIRL ROOM. We made a huge deal about it so she would not feel the baby was getting all her stuff. It is filled with Disney and Princesses (Reese loves princesses now). The transistion was so much easier then we thought. She slept in her new bed the first night with no trouble!! Every morning she wakes up and comes down to get us up. It is wonderful! I think we moved her into her room March. Also in March Reese started potty training. Day care is great!! They started working with her during the day and it took about two weeks. Easter was fun! We went and got pictures with the Easter Bunny, participated the neighborhood easter egg hunt, dyed eggs and opened up way too much candy and presents on Easter day!!!! I think Reese ate half of her candy in one sitting. The child loves her candy. In April we went to the Bahamas with Hollister and Reese went to Boo and Papa's house at the beach. She had a ball going shopping, playing at the zoo, hitting all the parks, playing in the pool. Papa even put in a swing for Reese that she LOVES!! and of course there were toys galor. It is like Christmas at their house. We missed her like crazy and it is getting really hard to leave her now that she knows we are going. She was glad to see us and still will not leave our side : ) Other things Reese is doing now: She is really excited about her sister and kisses mama's belly all the time. We are still working on a name. Reese wants to call her "Reese". Reese is talking up a storm and it amazes me some of the things she knows. We are so glad she loves dayschool because she is learning so much. She knows all her colors now and can count to 15 sometimes 20. She also remembers so much and we have to be careful about what we say and do : ) She loves to dance and sing. When dancing with the stars comes on she always says "Daddy come dance with me". Your heart just melts!! We still use are binky to sleep with at night. I know it is time to take it away but she loves the darn thing so much and I dont have the heart to take it away. We still need to work on getting vegetables down. We are doing better but.....the child just loves her carbs any and all carbs. Temper tantrums are fun these days when she does not get what she wants but thank goodness they dont last too long and are mainly at home. Once again I know I am forgetting things Reese is doing now especially since I have pregnancy brain : ) Can you believe baby number 2 will be here in less 8 weeks?!?!?!? She is such a sweet little girl and so much fun!!!!!

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