Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2 Years Old!!!

Happy Birthday Reese!!!!
We just had Reese's 2 year check-up.
She weighs 30 pounds (75-90th percentile) and is 35 inches tall (75th-90th percentile.
This year for Reese's birthday we are going to Disney and can't wait. Grandma Boo and BallPa are taking us!!!!!

For Christmas we went to Mimmi and Paw-Paw house in SC and had a wonderful time.
We played at the park and with the three little girls across the street. Reese had a ball opening up all her presents. You name it she got it : )
Daddy had fun putting together her Kitchen and was very Thankful that Uncle B save the day and put together the rest : )

What we are doing these days:
singing ALL the time: Twinkle Twinkle little Star, Jesus Loves me, Happy Birthday, ABCs...
Jumping and Climbing on anything and everything that she can!
Swinging and wanting to go to the park ALL the time
Talking with two and three words together
Sleeping to 7-7:30am YAY!!
Going to bed at 8:00pm
NOT getting enough Veggies!!
Loving chips, candy, cakes, cookies, cupcakes and eating them way too often.
Loving opeining up presents
loving Toys
Loving the movies: Strawberry Shortcake, Toy Story!!!!, Nemo....
Putting on lip gloss
Putting on our shoes, she can walk in my heels better than I can.

GM and GP got Reese an Easle for her birthday and she is having fun making Daddy draw all her favorite Seseame Characters ALL the time.
Mimmi and Paw-Paw got Reese a tea set that she plays with her dolls every night.

Words/ Phrases she is saying:
One of my favorite things is listening to Reese talk : )
Come on Mamma, come on daddy
open presents
I am stuck
whatcha doing
where's daddy, where's mama
I am hurt
See ya in the morning
I like ....
Train - alllllll aboard!!
Happy Birthday
Want some
It's mine
Reese's ...
here mama, here daddy
It's hot
I did it
Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas
Hellllooooo (when she pretends she is talking on the phone)

She is great with Shapes and still working on colors. I think Pink is the only color she gets correct every time. Numbers and animals she has down and counts for us all the time.

I know I am leaving so much out.... It seems like she is learning something everyday and it is so much fun to watch her grow.
What an amazing gift from God we have !!!!

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