Sunday, February 6, 2011


Happy 1st Birthday Reese!!

Like everyone says....It is amazing how fast this year has gone by.
It seems like yesterday we were getting ready to leave for the hospital to meet Reese for the first time on Jan 5th 2010. I remember wearing my Auburn sweatshirt to the hospital with a big bump in my tummy that loved to dance all around. I absolutely loved feeling Reese move around in my tummy!!!We had to be at the hospital at 10am for a 12:00 C-Section.  Reese's due date was for Jan 1st, but she did not want to come out!!!! The Drs recommended a C-section because she was possibly going to be big baby and for some reason my body did not want to dilate. I could have been induce and go into the hospital the night before but they told me it could stress Reese and there was a greater then 60% chance that I would have a C-Section anyway.  What goes through your mind at that time is what is best for Reese!!!!! So, C-Section it was. 
Scott had a great time getting ready for the C-Section ..... He loved having to dress in his gown, hat, and mask.  I think he felt like a Doctor.  At 12:00 sharp they rolled me into the operating room and prepped me for the C-Section.  Everyone was so nice and hilarious (which is exactly what you need at the time).  One nurse was joking around and asked me if she could have Scott's number : ) HA! HA!
I thought the epidural would kill, but it surprisingly did not, thank goodness. They did have to give me some other kind of medicine though because I felt like I was going to faint or get sick.  Thank goodness those meds kicked in quick!!!!!! I remember during the procedure they asked me for Reese's full name and if I had practiced saying it our loud like she was in trouble.  They said it needed to sound strong for when she did something wrong.  I never thought about that, but it is true.  Everyone typically uses the child's complete name when they are in trouble.  So in the middle of my C-Section I was saying TAYLOR REESE ROBINSON get back here!!!!!! : ) Next thing I knew they said are you ready to meet her!!  I remember Scott saying "How are you doing? Are you alright?"  Apparently there was a lot of force being applied and my body was being jerked around.  I couldn't feel a thing!  I was doing fabulous!!! and then right at 12:15 there she was!!!!  My parents were in the chapel waiting and Scott sent them a text message saying she was here and she is perfect!!!! 8 pounds 1/2 ounce, 20 inches long and a little bit of hair : ) What a glorious day!!!!

Today she is 22 pounds (70%) and 31 inches long (90%).  We had her one year check on on Jan 7th.
As I type this Reese is by my side playing with our phone.  I heard someone on the other line singing.  Wouldn't you know it, Reese just called her Grandma Boo!!!!!!!!!!! How funny!!!!!

So what is happening now with Ms Reese at 1 year!
Two of her bottom teeth are starting to poke out.  Exactly one week before she turned 13 months she has two teeth. 

She is great at saying mama, nite nite, hi, and bye.  She also likes to sing eeiiieeii( but no ooo). Her favorite song is if you are happy and you know it.... (she loves to clap her hands and stomp her feet).

Reese is learning sign language at school, and it would be helpful if we understood it and knew the signs.  We do know , more, all done and please and make sure she minds her manners.

She had her first trip to the park in 2011 in her Radio Flyer Wagon.  She enjoyed running around the park and meeting all the dogs.

She loves to read her books and never tires of the same books over and over.  How many times can you read a 6 page pop-up book?  Let me tell you, its a lot more than you think. 

She's a musical girl at heart.  Doesn't matter what song, she strikes a pose and starts dancing.  She's so focused on her moves sometimes its quite entertaining.  

There's no time like bath time!  Her funnest part of the day.  I'd have fun too if there were 50 toys in the tub to play with, she loves her bath time.  The upcoming summer at the pool is going to be really fun.  We are looking forward to some warmer weather.

Reese just had her first birthday party and it was a Birthday Bash!  She had lots of friends over and it turned into more of a party for the adults.   She had a blow-up pool with plastic balls for the kids to play and jump in.  That was a big hit.  The theme was a Jungle Safari so we had all her stuffed animals laid out, blow up animals supplied by Grandma Boo.  It was a great party and thankful for everyone that came to make it such a huge success.  She hung in for about an hour and a half and crashed on Grandpa's shoulder.  All the excitement of turning one finally got to her and she took a great long nap.
When she woke up we started to open presents and She got her first kiss from Cooper Wade!!!

She is understanding us more and more these days.  the other night we asked her if she was ready for bed and she shook her head yes, wave nite nite to mommy and headed to her room : )

I think waving is still one of her favorite things to do.... she waves to EVERYONE. All the time!!

We had a lot going on the month before Reese turned one. We celebrated Reese's first Christmas at Grandma Boo's and Grandpa's beach house.  Reese had so much fun chasing after two kittens (who were scared to death of her). She also had a great time singing Jingle Bells with Grandma Boo and shaking bells in a parade around the house as they sang!!!! Grandpa took Reese to her first Children's service at church and she loved it.  She was sooo good.  Then she passed out for the rest of the service :)  i think the biggest hit was her new Radio Flyer Grandma Boo and Grandpa got Reese for Christmas!  She loved being pulled around the house with all her animals. i do not know who had more fun though Reese or Grandpa!!

For Reese's first New Years she had a special date with Uncle B in Huntsville while mommy and daddy went to Nashville to celebrate with  mommy's best friend Heather!  Reese loved Uncle B's house and all the cabinets to climb into!! Reese is lucky to have such a wonderful Uncle!!

It is absoultley amazing to look back at Reese's  first year and at everything she has learned and everything she has taught us already.  She is our special gift from God and we are so blessed to have this little bundle of joy in our world!!! It is unbelievable how much love and happiness she has brought into our lives.  We love you so very much little R!!!! HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY!!

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