Monday, December 13, 2010


It is that time of year when schedules are beyond crazy!!! and we cannot forget to mention that our entire family has a horrible cold!!
So,  I am a bit late on posting what my little girl is up to at 11 months : )
My goal is to use this blog as a baby diary about Reese and everything she is doing.  I feel like I still have pregnancy brain and forget almost everything.

I cannot believe she is already 11 months.  Time needs to SLOW down.....
She is between 21 and 23 pounds now.  As I mentioned before she had a horrible cold and was not eating much food, so she lost a little weight. 
Reese has had a couple of colds and stomach bugs throughout the year but would still be pretty happy and play .... fortunately they would only last about a day.    This time was horrible! She slept for 2-1/2 days !!!!!! She was so pathetic and it nearly broke my heart to see her so weak and sick. She had a terrible cough, wheezing and 2 ear infections!!!  The doctor said it was a upper respiratory infection and we just had to wait it through.  We did get a chest x-ray to make sure it was nothing worse...... THANK GOD it was just a cold!!!!!
I think it is one of the worse experiences in the world to see your child sick. 

This month was a bit hectic with all our traveling and we had a lot of family come in town to see Reese.
We had one of our Sorority Sisters shower at our house the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Her baby is due on the 6th of Jan.  A day after Reese's : )
Then our Memmy, Aunt Wanda, and Uncle Gary came into town for the day to play with Reese. 
The next day we headed to South Carolina to see Uncle B, Nannie and Paw - Paw for Thanksgiving! Reese had a great time playing with all of Daddy's toys : 0 She also got a kitchen from Nannie and Paw-Paw that she absolutely loves!!!!  Hope she can cook better then her mama : )
Her Uncle B got her a little toy pony to ride and she is almost too big for it now.  She is getting really tall!
She also learned how to go up stairs at Nannie's but has no clue how to get down.  She just kinda falls back and knows someone will catch her...HA!

When we got back in town we went to see Santa.  Reese almost started crying. she wasn't sure what to do and just kinda expression on her face. We also went to a friends open house the same night and wouldn't you know it....ALL the kids there got sick (the same thing as R).

Grandma Boo and Grandpa came to see Reese the next day for the weekend and bless her heart she was too sick to really play.  She would sleep, wake up and play for a little bit and then go right back to sleep :(
Grandma Boo had a good time reading to her and got a lot of holding time.

Some of the things she likes to do now:
Carry around a book or one of her purses.
She also loves to put things in and take things out of her purse.
She likes to bring things to us.
She figured out that she LOVES rolls, crackers, yogurt and blueberries!
She still loves to dance and clap her hands to music.  Her favorite song is "if your happy and you know it clap your hands"
She waves to everyone!
She waves both hands up in the air when she is really mad or really excited!!
She will also clench up her fist real tight and wave them in the air when she wants to get down from her highchair. 
Her little face lights up when she is happy; it is such a blessing to see : )
She loves to open and close everything as well as reach for EVERYTHING!!!! and put it in her month. Especially tissues.
She also likes to crawl over and on top of everything and hide behind curtains.
I caught her pulling out plugs and cords the other day.  She is really quick and we have to be careful!! and always on alert. and then of course she will cry if we take something away from her that she really wanted.
She loves to read books to herself.  We have no clue what she is saying but it sounds great : ) Lots of yayayay, bababab....
She stilll loves bath time thank goodness.
She is still drinking 4 bottles/sippy cups of 4 to 5oz daily. (it is soon time for whole milk...yay!!!!)

I think that is it for now. ....... It is time to start planning for Birthday #1!!!!!
We are probably going to have to have it a week and a half after her real birthday because of the Auburn Game!!!! YAY --Go Tigers!!!!