Saturday, November 13, 2010

10 Months old and running...............

Our sweet baby girl is 10 months old!!!!!!
She is 20 pounds and 9 ounces.  She is in the 75th to 95th percentile for height and weight.
She loves to eat mum mums, cheerios, puffs, Gerber toddler meals, crackers.... almost anything she can get her hands on.  The teachers at day care says she always signs for more so they end up giving her part of the lunch that is served in school. Her tummy is huge : )

What we did the week she turned 10 months....
We went to Navarre Beach to babysit 4 week old kittens!!! Grandma Boo and Grandpa rescued two kittens from the wetlands behind their beach house. They are adorable and  Reese loves them!!!  She would screech LOUDLY with excitement and clap her hands every time she saw them.

What Reese is doing now......
She is walking like a champ now and trying to run.  She will still crawl occasionally.
She is saying mamama and dadadadada (she doesn't know what she is saying but we don't care, we get excited over everything she does ( :  )!
She is still drinking the same amount of milk, 4, 5 oz bottles.  Sometimes the teachers give her more at school.
She is starting to copy or try to copy a lot of things we do (waving, clapping, dancing, playing Indian, laughing , smiling and  especially noises....)
She is also starting to throw things and does not understand "no"
She is such a happy baby and always smiling (except when she is tired and/or hungry or falls down...oops). 
She also gets mad when we take something from her....  getting spoiled. .....and stubborn : )
She is handing us things now.It is crazy how fast she is learning things.
She is trying to put things together like triangles in the triangle slot.....
She waves to everyone.
Still NO teeth.
She dances when music comes on especially to her bunny hop bunny.
I love it when she walks to us and put her hands up to be held. She still loves to be held, thank goodness!
She follows me around the house and Scott tries to scare her all the time.   She jumps at first and then starts to laugh and smile. (un likeher mom, who screams when she gets scared).
She is opening and closing doors and cabinets. 
She tried to reach everything off of tables.  Yes, it is past time to baby proof.  We didn't realize she would be able to reach so many things.  She gets into everything!!!!!
She also likes to eat the rocks out of the fire place......."no,no,no"  .....and not a clue.
She still will take naps with us or in her swing while she watches baby Noah, baby animals, or lullaby baby.
She also watches all these videos while we travel in our car.  She is a pretty good traveler as long as she has something to watch and eat!!!

We love this little girl more than anything.  We are blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The time is just flying by way too fast!!!!!

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