Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So many Milestones for 9 months.......

So many great things happening at 9 months for Miss Reese...... 
She is taking bigger steps, 13 is her max and she is moving a lot quicker.
She dances every time music comes on and will sometimes clap her hands.  Or she will just claps her hands because she wants to.
She is now saying mamamamamamama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Could be mum mum since she loves them like her friend Luke).
She likes to do Indian and talk why she rides the horsey to town.
She likes to eat sandwiches, veggies, fruit, rice (chicken nuggets per her teacher)......everything we have given her she has liked. (Day Care said she is ready and wants to eat regular food, so I am to start giving her everything I cook for dinner.   HA!! Who has time to cook!!!!!)
She loves to take all my paperwork out of my computer bag, but doesn't like to put it back.
She is now tall enough to reach the top of our end tables.  So, she is grabbing for EVERYTHING in sight.

We went to the doctor yesterday and Reese weighs 20 pounds and 10 ounces.  She is in the 75% for height and weight.
Unfortunately, Reese got her second ear infection....you would never know though because she is happy and plays all the time. The doctor said it is that time of year.  Hopefully, no more or we may need tubes!!!

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