Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nine Months Old!!

How is she 9 Months old already????
Reese now weighs over 19 pounds and 9 ounces. (Was 20 pounds, but got the stomach bug)
We have a doctors appt this week and will get her exact length (which is going to be TALL).

What we did the week sure turned 9 months:
We took a family trip to Destin to meet up with the Stimpsons (Grandpa's family from Texas). We are blessed to have such wonderful family!!!!
Grandma and Grandpa came to visit for the Clemson Auburn Game the weekend of Sept 18th and got to babysit Reese while her mom and dad went to the game.
Nannie and Papa came to visit the following weekend and we did lots of shopping. Then we all went to go visit Uncle B in Huntsville. The following week we went back up to Huntsville to watch the Clemson Miami game. We did LOTS of traveling the month of Setp and October.

What we are doing at 9 months:
We are drinking 4, 5oz bottles daily and eating three meals and one/two snacks. We are trying to get protein in her diet, but it is not one of her favorite foods. She loves finger foods like her cheerios, mum mums, puffs, veggies, fruits.......
She likes to sit on her knees.
She still loves anything that makes noise and shakes everything.
She loves to play hide and seek as well as have all us chase after her.
Her laugh is so contagious and we love to hear it
She is still smiling all the time and babbling.  She is so happy and we are SO THANKFUL AND LUCKY!!!
She is dancing to music now and I think she sings too : )
She can stand up now without holding on to anything and her balance is getting stronger each day.
She loves stuff animals and especially her Tiger from Grandma Boo.
She is still putting everything in her mouth and has NO teeth.
She has control over her sitting now and doesn't just plop down.
She loves to shop (thank goodness).

Playing Peek a Boo (where she is initiating it now)
Walking without holding on to anything (10 steps max)
Waving (and knowing what it is)
Eating Gerber stage 3
Eating Cheerios, Peas and Carrots (real people food : ))
Trying protein
Meeting Grandpa's family (Aunt Sherri, Uncle Rip, Cousins: Granger, Foster, Bella, Kait, Tim, Christi and Scott).
Trip to Destin
Stomach Bug (like Nannie)
Boat Ride (where she fell asleep
Hot tub with the cousins (temp was cool.... I wouldn't consider it a "hot tub")
Bath in the Big Bath Tube.
Daddy and Reese had a date night and went to watch football at the Burns house.  Reese talked the entire time!

We love this little girl so much!!!!!!!!!

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