Sunday, September 5, 2010


How is it 8 months already???  Time is flying by way too fast.

Reese is now over 19 pounds and still growing like a weed.  Her next doctor's appt is at 9 months so we will be sure to get her exact height and weight.

What we did the week she turned 8 months:
We watched our First Auburn and Clemson game on TV.
We did a lot of shopping.
We played hookie on Friday and played outside.
We went on a lot of long walks (now that it has cooled of a bit)
We played with Barley and Cooper.
We went out to dinner with Mama's Boss and teammate and customers and did FABULOUS!!!!
Went to the pool and Miss Gina put Reese under the water for the first time :)
We celebrating Daddy's 36th Birthday!!!!

What we are doing at 8 months: 

  • We went to Navarre Beach for the first time to see Grandma Boo and Grandpa-  I think we were in the pool half of the time.

  • Standing up all the time (holding onto furniture)

  • Crawling all the time

  • Playing with our stand up toy from Mrs Hardenburg

  • We are now drinking 4 bottles and eating three times a day. We like Fruit a lot more then veggies.

  • We are now eating puffs by ourselfs and trying to get the hang of a sippy cup.

  • We love to do motor boat with our lips

  • We are dancing and clapping our hands to music
  • We moved up to Infant II Class and we were told Reese is their favorite!!!

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