Sunday, August 8, 2010

7 Months

I can't believe Sweet Baby Reese is 7 months old.

I am not sure how much she weighs now, but we are guessing over 18 pounds. Scott and I measured her height and it was around 26 inches. She is growing like a weed. She has sweet little cheeks now and thighs like her mama : )

What we did this week:
Daddy went to Fl to buy a car!!! An Acadia, so traveling will be much more enjoyable for all of us!
Mama was out of town for most of the week, working in Atlanta. We did manage to play hookie on Friday and played all day!!
We had Aunt Heather's Baby Shower for Fiona and Aunt Melissa came down from Ohio and stayed with us for the weekend! It was a Kappa Reunioun. Reese got to meet Dana, Melissa, Lynette, Lee Kate and Mandy for the first time! I wonder if Reese will be a Kappa.......
Her favorite Uncle B also came to visit!!!

What we are doing now:
Reese loves to crawl and get into everything! She pulls on every cord she can find.
She is also standing now. She pulls herself up on all the tables, people, couches, jumperoos that she can reach.
She bumps her head alot : ( It is hard to catch her sometimes. She is quick!
She is eating three times a day and taking 5 bottles (5 to 6oz).
She loves food and is trying to drink out of a cup. Have not found any fruit she doesn't like. She eats all vegetables as long as they are mixed together. She will not eat peas by themselves. Can you tell her mama is a nutritionist???
Reese is liking her swing again. We will sometimes put her in it for her nap. She likes to watch Baby Noah in it.
I think she can say "HEY" but not exactly sure. I am also not sure is she is waving or just facinated with her hand in the air.
Reese is doing really well in school, they just can't keep up with her moving so much. She will probably move up sooner than excepted.
She still loves to watch herself on video and just laughs and smiles the entire time. It is great to watch. Pure entertainment for her parents!
She is smiling and babbling all the time.
She is sleeping great as well. She goes to bed around 9 and gets up around 630. She is also taking 2 long naps and one short nap daily. I am jealous of her naps!!! I love to nap with her on the weekends and when we play hookie!!

I think it is pretty obvious that we cannot get enough of this precious baby girl. She is an absolute joy and has brought so much love to our lives!!! God is Great and Life is Good!!!!

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