Monday, March 14, 2011

14 Months

Our baby girl is now 14 months!!!
We have a doctors appt at 15 months so i will be sure to give an update on weight and height.  I will not be surprized if her height is off the charts.  (just like her daddy, uncle and Grandpa)!
She stepped on our scales the other day and it read 24 pounds.

What is Reese doing now....
  • She loves to go up and now DOWN our stairs ALL THE TIME.  She can do it by herself but is scares me so I make her hold my hand every time as well as hold on the the bars of the railing.
  • WORDS she says contantly: MAMA, Uh Oh (everytime she drops something), nite nite, she finally got the "o" down in Elmo (it use to be "ELM"), bye bye, dog, duck, kitty (sometimes but most animals are called DOG).
  • Sign Language: Please, Thank you, More more, all done, come here, food...
  • She loves to wave hi and bye and blow kisses.
  • We love when she gives us kisses and hugs and cannot get enough of them : )
  • She is helping put things away now at least what she wants to help put away.
  • She still wants us to read 50 books a day
  • She is starting to color
  • She is still dancing!!!
  • She is RUNNING
  • She can now get up into Daddy's chair and is great and getting off the bed and couch.
  • She climbs into her swing (little scary and I think it may be time to put it away).
  • She loves to watch ELMO and Seame Street!!!
  • TANTRUMS- Reese will now start crying and stomp her feet when she doesn't get what she wants. Scott calls it the Reese dance.  If we are holding her and she doesnt want to be put down (which is often) she will go limp and throw her head back and again start crying. 
  • She DOES NOT know stop or no and will just smile and laugh at you when you say it.
  • She cries when Daddy yells at the TV when his Clemson Tigers are loosing.  It is going to be a long Fall Football Season this year HA!
  • She still loves to be held....thanks goodness!!
  • She is not shy and loves other kids.  It is so much fun to watch her interact with other kids!!!
  • Night time is a dream now.  She goes right to bed around 730pm and gets up at 600am. She will take one long nap in the afternoon form 12 to 230pm.
  • She likes to sing now too.  We have no clue what she is singing : )
Reese is such a sweet littl girl filled with so much happiness and joy!!! She does have her times when she will cry because she does not get what she wants. (Serious stubborness just like her mommy!) Fortunately she gets over it in a second (NOT like her mommy, but like her daddy!).
We are blessed above and beyond what we could have ever hoped for!!  This precious child has already given us more than a lifetime of love, laugher and happiness!!  GOD IS GOOD!!

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