Friday, March 5, 2010

2 Months Old

March 5th 2010
2 month check-up: weight 11pounds, 23 ¾ inches, head 15 inches
You are growing like a weed and do not fit into your newborn clothes anymore.
What we did this week....
Grandma and Grandpa came to visit!!

Reese is recognizing us and we can't get enough of this!!!
8 weeks...First shopping trip with mom and grandma was to Target and Swaddle after lunch at Jason's Deli. She slept almost the entire time. She was wide awake at Target and did so good while everyone oooed and awed.
We also went to the park and daddy held her the whole time. First time she has stayed awake while outside.
At 9 weeks ....First trip to the mall for 6 hours!!!!!!!!! She slept the entire time while daddy held her in the orange Baby Bojrn. We did take a lunch break at Chikfilet and she smiled at all the people sitting next to us!!
10 weeks old……….We did our Taxes on St Patty’s Day . Precious Reese Slept through it all!!
At 11 Weeks March 26th..... REESE SLEPT THROUGH THE ENTIRE NIGHT!!!!!!!! (10-8:30)

What Reese likes to do.......
She now loves to play on her activity mat. She smiles at the octopus and holds onto all the toys!! She loves the colored chains Nannie got her for Valentine's Day.
She is very alert and likes to look around all the time!!
She LOVES to talk (like your mommy, Grandma, Nannie, and Great Aunts)
She loves to stand and holds her head up really well.
She is sucking on her hand and trying your hardest to suck her thumb. She almost has it !!
She also kicks so hard. She will be playing on her activity mat upstairs and I can hear her stomp the ground when I am downstairs in the kitchen. We wonder what her favorite sport(s) will be. She is incredible strong!!!!
She Smiles all the time now and makes the sweetes noises!!!!
We love to take long naps together every day!!!

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