Thursday, March 25, 2010

11 Weeks and growing....

Our sweet baby Reese is now 11 weeks old and we can't believe it. She is growing by the minute....
Things Reese really likes to do now are take baths and get her hair washed. Unfortunately, mommy and daddy don't do this as often as they should. She is also loving to stand up and play on her activity mat! She loves to grab on to things now (including mom's hair) as well and making tons of sweet noises. She loves looking at herself in the mirror and is trying her hardest to suck her thumb. She is smiling all the time now and it makes our hearts melt!!!
Mommy and Reese love taking a nap together every afternoon. Mommy is going to desperately miss this when she goes back to work NEXT WEEK!
We had our first ..... Reese slept through the night March 26th and 27th. Hopefully, this is a trend that stays!!!! The funny thing is that we put Reese down in her crib one way and she ends up turned 180 degrees. She is a mover and a shaker!!!
We are also trying to sit in our Bumbo that Grandma bought for us!
It is unbelievable how much joy and love this little girl is bringing our family!! We Thanks God every day for her!!!

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