Saturday, April 3, 2010

3 Months Old - Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!
Reese is 3 months old today.
Thank you everyone for ALL the Easter goodies for Ms Reese!!!!!
Reese now weighs around 13 pounds (with clothes on) and is around 24.5 inches long. Our good friend Volree let us weigh Reese on her baby scale. Next Dr's appt is at 4 months.

What we did these week.....
  • Our neighborhood had a Easter Extravaganza on Sat for all the children. Reese met the Easter bunny for the first time and build a bunny named Hippity Hoppity Floppy. We tried our hardest to get Reese to smile while sitting on the Easter Bunny. She didn't know what in the world was going on. Good news is that she did not screamed like the 3 year old that went after her.
  • This week Mom went back to work, aghhhhhh.
  • Aunt Heather came to visit and meet Reese for the first time.
  • We went to Easter Service at the Church where Scott and I got married -- Riverchase Methodist. Reese was Awesome!! She just looked at all the people the entire time. All the gentlemen behind us argued who Reese was staring at.
What Reese likes these days....
  • EAT! She is eating every 2 to 3 hours, almost 5 ounces.
  • We lied on our last posting...... Reese is NOT sleeping 10 hours anymore. She is sleeping around 7 hours. We are going to bed around 9- 10ish and getting up for a feeding around 4 or 5. We love getting up to feed her though. She is so sweet in the night and it won't be forever that we can feed our precious baby girl.
  • She plays for hours on her activity mat. She loves the crocodile her cousin Cristi bought her and the colored chains Nannie bought her.
  • She loves sitting on daddy's lap at watching TV. She laughs and smiles more at the TV than anything else. She likes the Mentalist, The Office, and Dancing with the Stars. (video posted).


  • Laughing (we think)
  • Picture with the Easter Bunny
  • Church
  • Birthday skating party with Scott's work friends (she loved the lights and music)
  • Pulling mom's hair.
  • Sitting in her Bumbo
  • Playing on her tummy without crying

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