Friday, February 5, 2010

One Month Old

February 5th, 2010

One month old!!!!
One Month Check-Up
: weight- 9 pounds and 9 ounces and 22.5 inches long.

What we did that week...
Nannie, Papa and Uncle B came to visit you this week. (Grandma and Grandpa left after helping us out for 4 weeks!!!!) We can't thank them enough for ALL their help!!!!

What Reese Loves to Do.....
She loves to get her hair washed. (She does not like to get a bath though)
She loves to hold on to mommy’s finger. She has a VERY STRONG grip!
She loves to make lots of noises and make facial expressions. She is great at making
sweet noises even when she sleeps.
January 29, 2010(3 weeks old).... She took her first trip in her BOB around the neighborhood. She slept the entire time.
January 26th, she lost her umbilical cord and GM and GP Stimpson saw her roll over on her back when put on her tummy.
She smiles a lot and we can't get enough of this!!!
She can hold her head up.
She loves to move around, she kicks her feet and wave her arms. She has hit mommy several times.
She loves to arch her back and become very stiff.
She loves looking at lights.
She is using her swing now and loves to sleep in it.
She did not like getting a big girl bath the first time.
She loves to hold on to mommy’s fingers.
She is not crying anymore when she is naked and getting changed
She is starting to use her legs more… trying to stand.

She loves having Grandma read to her! and talk about our family!


We had our first big girl bath

We had our first trip in the BOB stroller around Ross Bridge

Our First SMILE!!!

First trip to the Pediatrician

First shots : (

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