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(JAN 21, 2013) STATS: 32.6 pounds (75%) and 39.5" (100%)

Still loves to sing and dance and jump. 
Jan 6th she started Helping feed Reagan.
she Loves to give Reagan rasberries on her stomach  She is also great at making Reagan laugh

and giving her plenty of toys.
Reese LOVES TO PLAY WITH HER SISTER. Especially since Reagan has been able to sit up at the begining of 5 months.Starting around Thanksgiving she been playing with Reagan on the floor a lot. There is a lot more interaction between the two sisters as Reagan gets older. So fun to watch them play together.

Talking loud, she gets so excited.  We are trying to teach her to use her inside voice ; ).
12-5 Can take off her shirt. (Has been able to take off and put on her pants, socks and shoes for a while now).
12-22 Is now able to button, unbotton, zip and unzip pants.
At her 3 year check up she got her BP and was so good.  She did not move and actually liked it.
For Christmas, Reese got a princess tent for her bed so we had to take down her bed railing. She has been doing great with sleeping but has fell out 3 times : (  She also will not go to bed without a flashlight and a story.
Reese has learned how to make funny faces and can be really silly like her daddy.
She also loves to talk on her play phone and skype with her grandparents.
She has lots of energy and is so full of joy.  I hope she is forever full of joy and happiness and stays at sweet as she is ! It is such a beautiful quality in her !!!

Tracing all letters and numbers
Can draw several letters on her own
Now knows her vowels
Can count to 20+
Loves Show and Tell on Fridays
Tells us everyday that she did not go to the focus chair or time out : )

Boo and Papa came down in October so Papa could play with daddy in a golf tournament.  Boo, mommy, Reagan and Reese shopped till we dropped!
Uncle B and Paw-Paw also came down in October to see the girls.
We had a Halloween Party for Reese and all her friends.  Reese was Aurora, Reagan and mommy were Snow White and Daddy was the Big Bad Wolf and scared everyone!!!
Nov 3rd Memmy, Aunt Wanda and Uncle Gary (who Reese calls Uncle Barry) made a special trip down to Birmingham to meet Reagan and see Reese. Papa and Grandma Boo also came to see the gang
For Thanksgiving we went to Myrtle Beach weith Paw Paw, Mimi and Uncle B and Reese LOVED THE WATERSLIDES!!!  I can't count how many times she went down the BIG SLIDES BY HERSELF. (she needed a little push from her dad the first time but after that we couldn't get her to stop!)
For Christmas we went to Boos and Papas house. We had so much fun PLAYING. It is like toyland at Boos and Papas! Christmas was a success and so much fun.  Reese understands Santa now and loved counting the days down until Christmas with her calendar (and of course getting the candy out of it every morning) and meeting Gretchan (our elf on the shelf.) Gretchan worked beautifully. I am not sure where Reese got her name from. Cousin Megan and Greg came to the beach to see Reese and Reagan for the first time.  We had so much fun!!
Jan 5th We had a mini Dora Birthday Party and Uncle B came down to vistit
Jan 20th We had a Rock Star Birthday Party for Reese and 10 of her friends.  Grandma Boo and Papa also came up to celebrate! We had a fun balloon man come to the house and make cool balloons for everyone.  There were mermaids, spiderman, monkey in a tree, hats, princess wands, snacks, turtle bracelets, elephants  and so much more.

Activities: Singing, dancing, and jumping (starting gymnastics in Feb). Loves to play pretend.
Games: Playing hide and go seek, sneaky squirll, candy land, plays Peek a boo with her sister and chase
Colors: Pink and purple
Dolls: Princesses, especially Jasmine
Friends: Holden, Miller, Avery, Ellis, Caleb, Syndny and Hannah Best Friend: Reagan!
Toys: Hair set, balls, tea parties with cookies, sandwiches, donuts, coffee, tea and cupcakes! Ipad, iphone, cupcake videos on utube, play doh, jewlery, guitars, phones
TV Shows: Fresh Beat Band, Princess Sofia, Scoobie Doo, Doc McStuffins
Movies: Rapunzel, Cinderella
Food: CANDY, CAKE, CUPCAKES, DONUTS, chicken nuggets, fruit, chips. Still not a fan of veggies.
Places: Shopping, Toy Stores, Yogurt Mountain, Krispie Creme, Chick-Fil-a, Library, Dentist, Park, Pool

I'm gonna get you
Come find me
It was an accident
I'm sorry
I'm good
Let's Rock
I'm being good can I have a cookie, candy, etc
Don't forget the milk (I always forget Reagan's bottles for school).
No way
I don't think so
What would you like
What is that, this.
That would be good
That be OK?
Don't foget the Milk
I didnt give you a kiss (goodbye)
Will you tuck me in?
You can watch football/golf now
I don't know
It was an accident  (one of my favorites)
Let's do it again....and again, and again.
Daddy, you hear me
Tick Tac Toe on your face, daddy

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