Saturday, February 2, 2013

Two Years and 8 months

Reese is our little jumper! She just loves to jump! The other day we were stacking blocks and she jumped over them so i kept making it higher and highr and she kept jumping higher and higer!!! I couldn't believe how high this little girl can jump. Reese's new activity this month is painting. She loves to paint and it actually holds her attention longer than 5 minutes which is plus : ) We had fun decorating for Daddy's birthday with lots of paintings. funny things Reese is saying and doing this month: hi sweetie pie (to Reagan) Its so beautiful that is so cute what is that, this. what this do. the song" moves like jagger" was playing and Reese said "thats my song" and started dancing. She loves watching Fresh Beat Band every day. She wants to wear her PJs all day and of course to school. sometimes will have melt downs when you put something else on her. In school everyone calls their plate a "happy plate" if they finish all their food. So now we talk about happy plates and cups all the time. other favorite sayings: Oh Man (from Dora) and Too bad (her dad taught her that when a golfer misses a putt). she is learning her vowels in shcool and will sing songs about A,E,I,O,U. She will also tell you to stop singing with her because she will sing it. Ha! She also still calls Reagan a He but will say she is a girl. I think she thinks everyone is a HE. Reese is also having fun reading to us. The stories she makes up are priceless. She can count to 15 and skips a couple of numbers on her way to twenty. She is doing really good at tracing letters and still no time outs. She has also learned to tell little white lies : ) Like she will tell us she has brushed her teeth and we know she has not or she says she has finished her plate and she has not. Another good one is she tells me she has made her bed she has no idea how to make her bed : ) She is getting good at telling us no. This is not so much fun for us and trying quickly to break her habit. another saying she will ask us is "are you happy"? or when Reagan is crying Reese will say "he is not happy" Everyone needs to be happy. i love it : ) She is also having fun singing songs from a sunday school song cd that her mimi gave her. I think "Ive got the Joy Joy Joy down in my heart" is one of her favs. She is a wonderful big sister and wants to see Reagan every morning when she wakes up. She also has tried to pick Reagan up several times. I let her hold Reagan one time standing up and I thought Reese was going to fall over : ) Reagan is not so little anymore. Reese also enjoys talking to Reagan not even 1" away from her face. We try to tell Reese that Reagan can hear her and she doesnt need to be so close but Reese just ignores us. We couldnt be more proud of this big sister!!!!!

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