Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy 6 Months Reese

Happy 6 Months sweet baby Reese!
Oh how we just adore you!!!
You are now 27 1/2 inches long (95%) and 17.4 pounds (70%)

What we did the week of your 6 month birthday:
We took your first beach trip to Myrtle Beach with your Nanie, Papa, and Uncle B.

What you are doing now:
You are laughing and smiling all the time. You are such a happy baby!!
You are now enjoying solid foods, Gerber stage 1. You like all the vegetables except for peas. We are just now starting on fruits. You are still drinking a lot of milk....around 35 (sometimes 40) ounces. Some days mama has to give you one formula bottle because she can't keep up.
You love to swim in the pool with your float. You are not to excited about the beach, but you had a great time sleeping on Uncle B while he walked the beach looking for women : )
You are constantly moving around. You like sitting up and being on all fours. It will not be too much longer before you are crawling. You like to hold all your toys and shake them. You also like to feel and scratch everything. You can put your paci in your mouth, but for some reason not at night when you are in your crib. You still like to look in the mirror and always smile at your self. You are taking two long naps at school and short naps on the weekend. You are sleeping for almost 10 hours every nite. We put you down around 8pm and you get up around 6:30 and then off to school at 8:30 am until 4:00. Sometimes we play hookie on Fridays and have mama baby day which of course is my favorite. You also love to be thrown in the air and be up side down.
We love you so much sweet baby girl!!! Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives!

Eating Gerber Stage 1 for lunch and dinner
Sitting up from laying down position.
Holding a bottle with both hands
Straightening legs when on all fours (yoga downward dog : ))
First night in a hotel
First Road trip longer than 2 hours
First time on the beach
Sleeping all through the night
Watching fireworks
Playing with J (Papa's dog)
Riding in the Bob without the car seat
Meeting Great Nanie

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