Tuesday, July 20, 2010

6-1/2 Months and becoming more active by the minute.

Our Baby Reese is trying her hardest to stand up. Her teachers think she will walk before she crawls. I think she is going to love yoga...... she is doing the downward dog position all the time.

She is also loveing her hands and feels, shakes, pats everything. Sometimes she just puts her hands in the air and twist them back and forth, kind of like she is Miss America and waving to everyone. I wonder if she is seeing if her hand will make noise like her rattle. It is precious.

Another one of my favorite things she does is now she will lift her arms in the air when I get close. She is ready for her mama to hold her and love all over her.

A new game we started to play is "Peek A Boo". I have never seen anyone get so excited. She just laughs and smile non stop.

We are now eating fuits and vegetables and drinking about 30 ounces of milk daily. So far we like all fruits, but our favorite is still squash and sweet potatoes....mmmmmmm.

One more thing to add to her 6- 1/2 month update.......

Her teachers at school give her the most play time on the mat becasue she is so active and likes to move around alot!!! The only thing is is that they have to move all the other kids because she will run them over and poke at them like they are toys. Like I said, she loves to feel and touch everything! Her teacher also said she starts to cry when she is ready to be held and nobody is paying attention. I am not sure why, we never hold her at home.....ha!!! We just love this little precious bundle of joy and cannot get enough of her.

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