Saturday, November 5, 2011

20 and 21 Months!

I think the months are starting to run into each other.
Time is going by way to quick and our little baby is growing up too fast.
Lots of new things going on in her world.....

New Things She Is Doing:
She has gone to the potty several times
She has stayed out of time out in school!!
She is in Toddlers I class and loves her friends and teachers
Counting to 10!
She knows alot of shapes and most animals.
She is starting to recognize colors. She has pink down.
She is singing ALOT more
Her hair is starting to grow....
Last two teeth have come in
She likes to do somersalts with help.
She loves to hold our hands and swing, swing, swing.
She loves her animals and babies.
Still likes Elmo but now Care Bears are in the picture and we watch them every morning.
She still likes to take wipes and clean.
Very picky eater....
Still loves her paci (not sure when to take it away)

New Words:
still no Clemson though
Cooker (for her friend Cooper)

What we have been doing the past two months:
In Sept Grandma Boo came up and we did a lot of shopping and playing. I think Grandma Boo and Reese rode the merry go round 5 times.
In October we went to Myrtle Beach for the week with Nana and Paw-Paw. Reese had the best time playing in the sand and a kid playground outside in the sand. She made several new friends and didnt realize how much she like to play house with other kids : )
Grandpa came up to see us in October and we had a grand time and the park and playing chase.
For Halloween, Reese and daddy dressed up like pirates. We (Reese and Scott) went to school one day dressed up and Scott had fun scaring all the kids!!
WE also had neighborhood friends come over for pre trick or treating dinner on Halloween. Reese had a ball and just loves all little people!! She tried to give all her toys to baby Sam.
Reese got the hang of trick or treating real fast!!! After the first couple of houses Reese starting going up to the front door and sticking her hand out and if the door was open she proceeded to go in to see what else was going on. Friendly little girl.

We are headed to Grandmas and Grandpas for Thanksgiving on the 19th of November. Great Memmy will also be at the beach so it will be a really special time!

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