Monday, June 20, 2011

17 Months

Reese turned 17 months on June 5th!!
She now weighs 26 pounds and is really TALL!!

What she is saying these days:
Babbling a lot : )
ice cream!!
all done
bebe (for binky)

What Reese is into these days:
Climbing, Climbing and climbing!! Last night she climb up on our round table up stair in the bonus room.
She still loves her baths and can get in the bathtub now.
She loves to sing. Not sure what she is singing though.
She is starting to take care of her animals and babies. She puts them to bed and feeds them and loves to love on them : )
She is an expert at walking up and down stairs.
Anytime she can find a pen, pencil, crayon she starts to draw. luckily it is always on paper far.
She still loves to dance and has learned some new moves. The Monkey.
She is very good at saying no.
She will throw a fit if she does not get what she wants.
She has learned how to hit if she doesnt get what she wants.....trying to break this habbit real quick.
She is still obsess with dogs and reading. We had to put a little stool up by the window so she could see outside and see if our neighbor's dog is on the porch.
She is helping with chores. She likes to throw our trash away and everytime she has a wet one she starts cleaning the floor, furniture, anything....
She tries to put on her shoes and socks and is a big help when we get her dressed every day.
She is obsessed with her home videos and can watch them every minute of the day!! Her favorite ones are the ones with grandpa in them.
She is going to bed around 8:30 and will go straight to her crib and try to get in.
She wakes up between 6 and 630 every morning and Scott and I take turns getting up with her : )

We went to Grandma and Grandpa's house over Memorial Day. They bought Reese a sweet little desk filled with everything: Stickers, crayons, stamps, coloring books, notepads, etc. She was in Heaven. She loved her Elmo stamp and went crazy stamping everything including her face.
We had fun swimming. Reese is trying to get the hang of foaties. She still does not like water on her head and face. She also met a boy named Luke. She would not leave his side and shared everything she had with him.
That weekend she also got Baptised and she did so good!!!! Grandma Boo had a party for her afterwards and Reese entertained everyone. Everyone was in a big circle and she just went into the middle and starting dancing for everyone. She would run up to each person and give them hugs. She is a little show off and we love it!!!!! She is not shy at all. Sometimes she has to warm up and get to know you for a minute but then you are her best friend. We had such a great weekend and are looking forward to going back over the 4th.

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