Sunday, April 24, 2011

15 Months

Reese now weighs 23 pounds and 13 oz (50-75%) and is 31-1/2 inches long (75-90%)!!
We had a fun day at the doctors getting THREE shots after a week of being sick with Broncilitis for the second time. Reese is a tough little girl.

Scott and I went to Rome for the week and Grandma and Grandpa got to take care of Reese.  Unfortunately, little girl was sick. They had a good time going to Chi k Filet after seeing the doctor for three days in a row!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH GM AND GM FOR TAKING SUCH GOOD CARE OF REESE!!!!  She is doing great now and having so much fun being 15 months!!

New Words:
nana (banana)
paw paw (grandpa)
no no no
touch down
and a couple of others that we cannot figure out : )

She has two more teeth poking though on the top and it looks like two are going to come in any day now on the bottom.

She is still miss sociable and waves and says hi and bye to EVERYONE.
We love her kisses and hugs and cannot get enough of them!!

She is also getting better with figuring things out quickly.  She shuts all the doors and closet. (she can open up Nana's doors.) She is starting to recognize shapes and colors. She loves her animals flash cards and still LOVES Elmo. She also tries to copy daddy working out in the gym.  She is trying her hardest to blow bubbles but not having much luck. She dances every chance she can and is quite the climber.  No fear!!

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